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Digital and Innovation Policy Research Center is a policy research think-tank under IDRI focusing on digital development and innovation policy research. The Center aims to address digital development and innovation policy issues and promotes evidence-based digital policymaking through conducting rigorous digital development policy research and dialogues, studying and assessing the impact of digital technology adoption and transformation on economic and society development, and providing digital development and innovation policy consultation and related policies formulation, monitoring and evaluation.
DPRC aims to improve digital policy and governance through with the following mission:
  1. conduct rigorous digital development policy research and policy dialogues
  2. study and assess on the impact of digital technology adoption and transformation on economic and society development
  3. provide digital policy consultation and digital policy formulation, monitoring and impact evaluation services.
The Center’s strategic priorities emphasize its commitment to the highest quality digital policy research, to innovation driven research, and to the development and use of digital technology for the benefit of the economy and society. The center focuses on five key priority cross-disciplinary research area.
  1. Digital Adoption and Transformation
  2. Digital and Innovation Ecosystem Development
  3. Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  4. Cybersecurity and Governance




Capacity Building for Digital Economy through Mekong-Lancang Cooperation

In partnership with Beihang University, CAICT and universities in Mekong countries. The project aims to leverage human resource capacity on emerging and digital technologies of the academy and research institutions in Mekong-Lancang countries; and to build talent networking on digital technologies among Mekong-Lancang countries.



Assessing Internet Development in Cambodia - Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs)

In partnership with UNESCO Phnom Penh The assessment aims to evaluate 109 core indicators of the ROAM-X principles of the UNESCO’s Universality Indicator Framework. The assessment will lead to a national assessment report and to the organization of related events that aim to i). present a comprehensive and substantive understanding of the national Internet environment and policies; ii). assess their alignment to UNESCO’s R.O.A.M. principles and their contribution to sustainable development; and iii). develop policy recommendations and practical initiatives that will enable the country to improve their Internet ecosystem as advanced ICTs evolve.



Joint-Research on Digital Silk Road and Digital Economy Corporation

In partnership with China Academy of Information and Communication Technology and Mohammed V University of Morocco The project aims to study the development, problems/barriers, demands in the digital economy, and offer suggestions to the countries in different development stages in terms of digital transformation in Countries and Regions along the “Belt and Road”in ASEAN”.