Internet of Things


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Internet-of-things enables the objects to gather and exchange information based on the communication protocols which creates opportunities for more direct integration between the physical and virtual world. The networked interconnection of heterogeneous objects from both worlds is then exploited to capture miscellaneous data and perform an analysis to benefit our life. Moreover, two main motives behind any IoT innovation are usually to monitor and control or automate processes in any sector.
  1. Dynamic and sustainable research and development on Cybersecurity and IoT
  2. Provide consultation on Cybersecurity and IoT related
  3. Engage Cybersecurity and IoT with Other Team in any possible ways
  4. Jointly promote research, development, and discussion on Cybersecurity and IoT




Autonomous Lighting System

Building an energy saving system to effectively lighting up factory with autonomous decision


Nhem Thayheng

Agritech - Smart Irrigation System

Building a smart watering IoT base system with the focus on particular large farm.


Nhem Thayheng