Welcome to IDRI

First of its kind research institute to conduct R&D in digital technology,

to drive digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Cambodia.


Who we are?

Institute of Digital Research and Innovation is a public research institution under the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology in charge of research and development in digital technology and digital innovation and entrepreneurship promotion.
Our goal is to create digital solutions/values addressing the needs of both public and private sectors and to contribute to the development of the digital economy and society of the kingdom.
We continuously build quality research team, good working environment and collaborating with all related stakeholders both local and international for knowledge and technology transfer.
  1. R&D and technology transfer on digital technology focusing on emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Data Science, Cyber Security, etc.
  2. Promote digital innovation and technopreneurship.
  3. Conduct rigorous policy study and research on digital technology and its impacts on the economy and society.
  4. Recognize digital talent.
To be Cambodia’s flagship research and innovation institute with international recognition in digital technology that addresses key social and economic challenges amid a rapid digital transformation.

Director General Message

Driving applied research and innovation on digital technology to "create value" for our society and a sustainable future.




Dr. SAM Sethserey

Director General


Director of Digital Policy Research Center

BE Chantra

Director of Digital Innovation Center

KONG Phutphalla

Research Coordinator